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An Asscher cut diamond is not your typical cut of diamond. In fact, you have never even heard of it. The Asscher cut is similar to the way that an emerald is cut, however it is a square vs a rectangle, and those corners have also been cut so technically it is an octagon. It’s also one of the oldest cuts of diamonds along with the emerald cut. 

Characteristics Of Asscher Cut Diamonds

One of the reasons this diamond is not as well-known is that it lacks the brilliance of the more typical diamond cuts. That may seem like a negative characteristic, however, what this means is that you are able to see through the diamond and view its clarity. 

With an aerial view of this cut you will see an X shape. It also presents a higher crown than other cuts of diamonds. The result is an incredibly symmetrical and exquisite jewel. Since this cut isn’t everyone’s first choice, it’s the perfect opportunity to stand outside of the crowd. 

The most defining characteristic of the Asscher cut is the clarity. Diamonds in the brilliant category tend to distort the clarity because of the many cuts that disrupt light reflection coming in and going out. With an Asscher cut, you’ll know right away if there are impurities or not. With brilliant diamonds those impurities are easily disguised.

Where To Find An Asscher Cut Diamond

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