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Diamonds are timeless and precious gems that have been highly coveted for centuries. There are various types of diamond cuts, each with its unique beauty and characteristics. One such cut that has been gaining attention lately is the old mine-cut diamond. In this blog, we will explore what an old mine-cut diamond is, its unique characteristics, history, and evolution, how it is used in jewelry, and tips for identifying and buying/selling old mine-cut diamonds.

What is an old mine-cut diamond?

An old mine-cut diamond is a diamond cut that originated in the 18th century and was popular up until the late 19th century. It is a precursor to the modern brilliant-cut diamond and has a distinctive charm and beauty that sets it apart from other diamond cuts.

What makes an old mine-cut diamond unique

Old mine-cut diamonds are unique in their way, with a charm and beauty that sets them apart from modern diamond cuts. Compared to modern diamond cuts, old mine-cut diamonds have a softer, more romantic, and elegant appearance. They also have a high crown, small table, and large culet, giving them a unique and fascinating appearance.

History and evolution of the old Mine cut diamond

The old mine-cut diamond originated in the 18th century and was created using hand-cutting techniques, which were less advanced than the modern techniques used today. Over time, diamond-cutting techniques evolved, and the old mine-cut diamond eventually fell out of fashion.

Old mine cut diamonds in jewelry

Old mine cut diamonds are highly sought after for their unique beauty, and many famous jewelry pieces throughout history have featured these diamonds. Old mine cut diamonds are used in various jewelry pieces, from engagement rings to earrings, and their unique characteristics make them highly desirable to collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.

How to identify an old mine-cut diamond

Identifying an old mine-cut diamond can be challenging for those without experience. However, some characteristics distinguish old mine-cut diamonds from other antique diamond cuts. These include a cushion-shaped girdle, a high crown, a small table, and a large culet.

Buying and selling old mine-cut diamonds

When buying an old mine-cut diamond, it’s essential to consider factors such as quality, carat weight, and cut. It’s also essential to purchase from a reputable dealer to ensure authenticity. Selling an old mine-cut diamond can be a challenge, and it’s crucial to work with a trusted dealer to get the best value for your diamond.


In conclusion, 316 Jewelry and Watch Boutique offers a range of old mine-cut diamonds that have a rich history and unique charm, making them highly desirable to collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike. Their beauty and rarity have ensured their continued popularity, and they remain a timeless and elegant choice for those seeking a distinctive and classic diamond cut. Visit our website to learn about our diamond collections.