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There are many different cut styles for gems available on the market today, The radiant cut is one of the more popular options for engagement rings and other jewelry options, but what exactly is a radiant cut gem?

Let’s take a closer look at what makes a gem radiant cut before diving into the best color and clarity options for this style.

What Is A Radiant Cut?

A radiant cut is an octagonal shape that has cropped corners. This makes it appear similar to an emerald cut diamond. It has seventy different facets that work together to make the cut one of the most brilliant options for gems.

What Colors Are Optimal for Radiant Cut Diamonds?

The optimal color for your radiant cut diamond will heavily depend on your own personal preference. The more colorless a diamond is–like those gems ranked in the D-F grade–are going to be much more expensive than the near-colorless G-J options. However, this cut style will enhance either in an eye-catching way.

Additionally, radiant cuts are ideal for fancy-colored gems. The style of cut adds a sense of depth and brilliance to whatever gem they shape, which can enhance the stone beautifully.

What Clarity Options Are Best for Radiant Cut Diamonds?

As with color options, radiant cuts can complement many different clarity grades. So if you choose a more expensive gem with minimal inclusions, you’re sure to have an effervescently sparkling stone for your jewelry.

However, if you want to achieve this same result with a gem of lower clarity and more inclusions, the radiant cut may be ideal for you. This is because the many facets give inclusions and other imperfections more places to hide in the stone, which allows light to flow through it and reflect more beautifully than other cut styles may allow.

Why Choose a Radiant Cut?

Radiant cut diamonds are some of the most beautiful gems. They have the structure and facets of traditional square and emerald cut stones with the sparkle and beauty of round cut stones. 

They are a relatively new gem cut style, but that hasn’t impacted their popularity at all, with many popular engagement rings and other jewelry pieces being set with radiant cut stones.

Are You Looking for a Radiant Cut Diamond?

If you’re in the market for a radiant cut diamond, look no further than our beautifully extensive collection. Our staff is always happy to help guide you through choosing the best possible option for yourself or your partner, so don’t wait–call us and book an appointment today!